Join Us Live at the CS4All Summit!

We are so excited to be in St. Louis today for the 2017 CSforAll Summit, where we are celebrating tremendous progress toward CSforAll’s goal of access to inclusive, rigorous, and sustainable computer science education for all US students both in and out of school.

There are more than 500,000 high-paying unfilled tech jobs across the US and by 2018 51% of all STEM jobs are projected to be in CS-related fields. But today only 40% of schools offer a computer science course, and students in small and rural school districts are far less likely to have access to in-school and out-of-school opportunities to learn computer science.

Accessible and inclusive computer science education is something we are tremendously passionate about at codeSpark. So, in an effort to help reach this goal we’ve committed to providing free support for 10,000 K-5 teachers who want to teach computer science in their classes during the next year.  

Meaningful CS education for all students is critical to:

  • building a diverse workforce that can compete in an innovation-based economy
  • equipping young people with the computational literacy skills needed to be active citizens in the digital world

In three years, over 20 million kids in 196 countries have used our award-winning app, codeSpark Academy which gets kids excited about computer science by turning programming into play. Our commitment to inclusion and accessibility is demonstrated by our patent pending “no words” interface which makes the app globally accessible to kids ages 4 and up and the fact that 50% of our users are girls – the highest percentage of any coding app.

Our app is free for public schools and comes with a 20-hour curriculum and other supporting materials for teachers.  Our curriculum has been vetted by experts from Princeton and UCLA and ties directly to progress in the app.  Independent research shows that after just 3 sessions with codeSpark Academy, kids score 22% higher on sequencing tests.  Skill with sequencing has a direct and positive correlation with improved math and reading scores.

Today we stand proudly along with CSforALL which aims to support organizations like us to develop and deliver rigorous and relevant CS education and computational thinking skills for all students in grades K-12, with a focus on unlocking the talents of underrepresented groups of students.

Please join the livestream today to hear about CS4All’s big announcement and to participate in this growing movement!

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