Visit the Foos in Swift Playgrounds!

At codeSpark, our mission is to increase access for all kids to computer science education. To achieve that mission we make our game 100% free to public schools, libraries and non-profits and are constantly searching for ways to make it easy for teachers to bring coding into the classroom. Since our public launch almost three years ago over 20 million kids in 218 countries have used our app and 50% of our players are girls. Our words-free approach has made it easy foranyone in the world to play, including pre-readers and speakers of every language.

We are happy to announce a new Swift Playgrounds experience for codeSpark Academy veterans. This new game helps kid coders transition from block-based coding used in the Everyone Can Code elementary curriculum into real Swift code. If kids then continue with the Everyone Can Code curriculum from Apple, they can eventually create their own iOS apps!

Text-based programming is incredibly powerful but often looks intimidating to kid coders. With our interactive book Code with the Foos for Swift Playgrounds, we review the fundamentals learned in codeSpark Academy and then connect our custom icon commands to the equivalent text command in Swift.

Here’s how it works:

A picture of a Foo dancing becomes dance().

A Foo walking with a right arrow becomes walk(RIGHT).

Kid coders will then solve puzzles with the Foos while learning basic Swift commands and syntax.

With codeSpark Academy and Swift Playgrounds, kids now have a complete pipeline from coding newbie to confident programmer. It’s a great resource for kids familiar with The Foos to gain access to a whole new world of text-based coding. Best of all, using The Foos in Swift Playgrounds is completely free.

How to Get Started

Before you begin, you’ll need a Mac with Airdrop and an iPad on iOS 10.

On Your iPad:

  1. Download Swift Playgrounds from the app store.

On Your Mac:

  1. Download the Code with The Foos Playground Book zip file.
  2. Double click it to unzip it.
  3. Right click on Code with The Foos.playgroundbook.
  4. Click Share -> Airdrop and drop the file on your iPad.

Accept the file on your iPad and tap the Code with The Foos to begin.

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