Dream a Little Dream for Dali!

Create a Dreamland-themed game for a chance to win a prize!

Our new Foo friend, Dali Dreamer, has been having trouble getting to sleep! He’s turned to his good buddy, The Great Foodini, for some advice. Using his engineering skills and a bit of magic, Foodini built a Dream Machine - but now he needs YOUR help!The Dream Machine will help Dali get some shut-eye but only if it’s filled with fantastic dreams first! Luckily, there’s a whole new set of codeable Dreamland items inside the codeSpark Academy Game Maker. So how can you help Dali and Foodini? Build your own Dream Games and Levels and then send them to us so we can put them inside the Dream Machine - and you could win some cool prizes! Beginning August 17th, 2017, you can start building your Dreams inside the Game Maker. The Great Foodini and Dali have their own favorite types of dreams, so they’ll each be looking for different things when playing your Dream Games. And don’t forget Sal, Dali’s teddy bear. Sal needs some dreams, too! Each Foo will be looking for very specific traits in picking their favorite Dreams:

  • Dali loves creativity, so use the new Dreamland items in very creative ways!
  • The Great Foodini prefers a mix of magic and science - impress him with your programming prowess!
  • Sal is a little silly and full of wonder, so build something silly, funny, and wonderful!

Each of these Foos will get to pick their favorite Dreamiest Dream as well as three Day Dreams for The Dream Machine 12 games in all!

All Dream entries must be received by the stroke of midnight (PST) on Sunday August 27th with chosen Dreams announced on Thursday August 31st.


In recognition of their outstanding skills, each creative dreammaker chosen by our dreamy trio will receive…

  • Day Dreams – 2,000 coins each, exclusive codeSpark Academy stickers, and your level featured in The Foosletter!
  • Dreamiest Dreams – 3,000 coins each, a codeSpark Academy t-shirt, stickers, and your level featured in The Foosletter and inside codeSpark Academy on the Billboard!

All 12 levels will be featured on our blog, newsletter, and social media. 

Check out these instructions for The Dream a Dream contest:

  • The search ends on Sunday August 27th.
  • Levels must contain items from our Dreamland collection.
  • TweetFacebook post, or email (hashtag #DreamCoder) your level code to codeSpark Academy’s Dream Catchers (that’s us!) in order for your Dream to be considered for the Dream Machine.

How to Find Your Level Code

Your level code is a 9 digit code found at the bottom of your level preview screen:

Screenshot of where to find 9-digit code on app

Copy that code and send it to us!

So what are you waiting for? Start dreaming - and dream big!

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