codeSpark Academy with The Foos

Since launching The Foos 18 months ago over 4 million kids in 172 countries have have played and we have you to thank!  THANK YOU!  We owe our success to our AMAZING community of creative and clever fans!

codeSpark is dedicated to providing the best resource in the world for introducing young kids to computer science through play and creative expression.  With that in mind, we will soon rebrand The Foos as a bigger and reimagined app called codeSpark Academy with The Foos.  codeSpark Academy is the result of hundreds of hours of play testing, parent feedback and research with leading Universities.

codeSpark Academy is a subscription app that has everything you love about The Foos plus much, much more.

Current home users will get to play codeSpark Academy for free for 30 days and then will be able to subscribe at a deep discount.

Current teacher users will be able to continue using codeSpark Academy for free AND will get access our new Teacher Dashboard for free as well.  Also, we continue to be heavily involved with's Hour of Code and will have a great free offering for that as well.

What is codeSpark Academy?

In late Summer The Foos app will become codeSpark Academy. All users must update or the app won't work.

codeSpark Academy will have several exciting NEW features:

  • Blueprints - Kids learn to code seriously cool games with simple "paint-by-numbers" tutorials.
  • Daily Activities Every kid learns differently, so codeSpark Academy has custom daily activities for your child. For example, if your child needs more practice with loops, the daily activities will include several loop exercises, ordered by level of difficulty.
  • Brand New Menu and Map - Our new menus are super easy to use and make kids to feel like they're in downtown Fooville! Your child can now see where each Foo lives before diving in and helping solve their problems.
  • Teacher Dashboard - The #1 request from teachers was a dashboard for tracking student progress. The codeSpark Academy dashboard is easy to set up, tracks each student and lets teachers control what parts of the app are accessible.

Regular updates + More computer science = more learning! We will release new content every two weeks:

  • New curriculum based games and puzzles -  New games and puzzles that teach variables and more...
  • New characters - Fun new Foos are in the works, including Dr. Foo, Adventure Foo and Superhero Foo!
  • Global challenges - Several times a year contests will be organized by age group for game design, story telling and more.
  • Expansion of our creative tools - New commands, new coding templates, new programmable objects and more!
  • More tutorial videos - Videos to teach digital story telling, new game types and new commands are on the way!

This is only a taste of the coding goodness that is coming! Learning the ABCs of computer science has never been easier or more fun.

Why Subscription?

We want to continue teaching and inspiring kids around the world for a long time.  The new subscription plan is the best way to deliver high-quality and super fun educational content that keeps your kids learning and creating month after month.  In addition we can avoid annoying in-game advertisements and in-app purchases.

What if I've been playing for a while?

We love our Foo fans. So when codeSpark Academy launches in late Summer, all current players will have at least 30 days to play codeSpark Academy for free. All your progress will be saved and transferred to the new app. At the end of the trial period, we'll offer all existing players a deeply discounted subscription plan. We want you all to stay with us!

codeSpark Academy will initially only be available on iOS and Android. For a few months, current Kindle players will not be able to play and web users will be limited to puzzle levels. If you're a Kindle player and want to keep your progress while playing on iOS or Android, consider making an account now on your Kindle so that you can transfer your progress to an iOS or Android device.

What if I'm a teacher or librarian?

codeSpark Academy will remain free for schools, libraries, and other non-profit educational groups.

In addition, we built a free teacher dashboard so you can easily set up your class, track student progress and control what parts of the game are available to students on any given day.

If you use codeSpark Academy in your class and love it, please give us a great review in the app store and let parents know they can sign up their kids at home too.

What if...

If you have any questions please contact us!

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